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Welcome to the Purposeful Adventures Charity!

When you purchase a book, your're helping children as well as the less fortunate. 70% of the book sales profit goes to the Purposeful Adventures and every year we connect up to 5 charities a year, families in need, school products and Kingdom Kids Haven that are in need. Our mission is to help educate young minds and build self-assurance and confidence through the series.

Giving back is a priority for us, and where kindness leads unconditional love to families, children, and anyone in need flow. The world, more than ever before, needs a lending hand. If you would like to be a contributing partner, please donate to the [email protected] or purchase a book, every bit counts.

If you’re a charity or non for profit that is in need of our support please contact us.

Our pillars to support up to 5 charities a year, families in need, school products and Kingdom Kids Haven are the following:
1. Education
2. Equity

-In UNITY we stand together to achieve greatness.

-Achieve success regardless the obstacle.

-We center on connection within one's purpose.

3. Mental Health / Health / Sportsmanship
4. Freedom from Violence and Oppression
5. Youth Empowerment

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Donations Welcomed!

We need YOU! The Purposeful Adventures takes 100% of donations to help support the 5 charities and any community outreach in need. We believe with all our hearts that your contribution will support so many in need. We thank you for any donation you feel you can contribute.



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