Encouraging Children's Love for Learning and Reading

Seedling Publishing
Seedling Publishing

Welcome to the Purposeful Adventures Charity!

When you purchase a book, your're helping children as well as the less fortunate. 70% of the book sales profit goes to the Purposeful Adventures and every year we connect 5 charities that are in need. Our mission is to help educate young minds and build self-assurance and confidence through the series.

Giving back is a priority for us, and where kindness leads unconditional love to families, children, and anyone in need flow. The world, more than ever before, needs a lending hand. If you would like to be a contributing partner, please donate to the support@purposefuladventures.org or purchase a book, every bit counts.

If you’re a charity or non for profit that is in need of our support please contact us.

Our pillars to support 5 charities a year are the following:
1. Education
2. Equity

    -In UNITY we stand together to achieve greatness.

    -Achieve success regardless the obstacle!
    -We center on connection within one's purpose.

3. Mental Health / Health / Sportsmanship
4. Freedom from Violence and Oppression
5. Youth Empowerment

Seedling Publishing
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